Protect Your Home and the Bay: Flush Only Toilet Paper

Flushing wipes, plastics and microplastics down the toilet may seem like a convenient way to get rid of items such as contact lenses, tampon applicators, condoms, plastic bags, and wrappers, but flushed plastics can cause clogs and spills, and increase maintenance costs. Plastic in the environment breaks down into tiny pieces called micro plastics and can sicken or kill fish, worms, birds, and other wildlife; release chemicals; and cause other harm to the environment.

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Dispose of Hazardous Waste and Old Medicine Properly

Old medications and other household hazardous waste like solvents, paint, and motor oil, should never go down the drain. They can harm treatment processes or pass through the treatment plant and contaminate the Bay. Please see the links below on how to dispose of them properly.

HAZARDOUS WASTE TO THE Marin Household Hazardous Waste Facility 

565 Jacoby Street, San Rafael 

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RX Safe Marin website 


Rate Rebates for Low- and Fixed-Income Customers

The Deadline to Apply is April 30

A 5% Residential Sewer Rate Charge Rebate is available to low- and fixed-income customers who are enrolled in Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) CARE or FERA programs.

For information or to apply please call (415) 332-0244 or visit our website.


You May Qualify For a $2,000 Grant to Repair Your Cracked, Leaking Sewer Lateral

Did you know that many private laterals are cracked or broken, putting homeowners and neighborhoods at risk of sewer backups and spills?

Most of the excess flows into the treatment plant during heavy rain are due to cracks and breaks in private sewer laterals. Laterals are the sewer pipes that run from homes and businesses to the main public sewer pipeline. These high flows can also overtax the system and result in sanitary sewer overflows and spills. 

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