Treatment Process

Primary and Secondary Treatment, Including Disinfection and Advanced Tertiary Treatment

HEADWORKS: New screenings and grit removal.

PRIMARY TREATMENT: floating grease is skimmed off and sinking solids are removed. Redundant primary clarifier for reliability and maintenance.

EQUALIZATION STORAGE & PEAK FLOW TRIMMING: Eliminates blending when large stormwater flows enter the plant and improves treatment quality.

SECONDARY TREATMENT: Natural bacteria consume organic solids using refurbished fixed film reactors. Increased capacity from 6 million gallons per day (MGD) to 9 MGD.

TERTIARY TREATEMENT (POLISHING): Improved treatment using 5 and 10 micron filters (a human hair is 50 microns thick). Increased capacity from 1 MGD to 6 MGD.

DISINFECTION: Chlorine disinfection and then dichlorination to protect Bay life.

SOLIDS HANDLING: using improved facilities and new thickener tank and digester.