Prepare for Winter by Maintaining Your Sewer Lateral

Image of a home and lateral that connects the home to the sewer main in the street with a note that the lateral is the homeowner's responsibility.

Your private sewer lateral is the pipeline that runs from your home to the public sewer main in the street. Leaky and damaged laterals are a major source of sewer overflows and backups in homes and in the public sewer system.

You may qualify for up to a $2,000 grant to repair your lateral.

Dispose of household hazardous waste properly. Learn more about disposing of household hazardous waste properly, such as pesticides, waxes and polishes, paint, strong cleaners, and more safely and properly.

Dispose of unused medications properly. Dumping old medications down the drain can contaminate, people, fish, and the Bay. 


Extensive Facilities Upgrades to Improve Safety, Reliability, Emergency Backup and More 

The District is preparing to upgrade or replace six facilities. The $7.5 million in projects will provide many benefits:

Rehabilitate the South Clarifier and Headworks for

increased capacity, redundancy, and enhanced odor control

Beach Force Main Rehabilitation to

improve reliability and decrease electricity costs

Tamalpais Community Services District Flow Meter Project to

improve capacity modeling of the conveyance system and improve response times during high flows

Plant Electrical Upgrade brings remaining facilities up to

modern standards and improves reliability and safety

Biosolids Handling Project to

lower costs, improve safety, and allow for future upgrades

Replace the Primary Digester Heating System to

modernize equipment at the end of its useful life


Residential Sewer Rate Charge Rebates Available for Qualified Low- and Fixed-Income Customers

Decorative image of a piggy bank with money coming out of it.

A residential Sewer Rate Charge Rebate of 5% is being offered to low- and fixed-income customers who are enrolled in the Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) CARE or FERA programs.


Thank You to Our Dedicated Staff

Our talented and dedicated staff make sure that your sanitary system is working 24/7 to protect our community, the Bay, and public health. We want to recognize four of them:

Thank you, Omar Arias-Montez for 29 Years of Service. The District’s Operations Superintendent recently retired after 29 years of Service.

Congratulations to (left to right): Vince Pasquini who was promoted from Lead Operator to Operations Supervisor; Randy Hart, who was promoted from Lab Tech to Lab Director, and Rob Schmidt was promoted from Electrical/Maintenance Tech to Project Coordinator.


District Partnerships to Sav-R-Bay

Decorative image of a drain

Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District collaborates with five other wastewater treatment agencies in Marin to educate people about what happens after their wastewater goes down the drain. Together, we offer resources such as 

  • Fun, educational activities
  • Resources, including videos and tours of local wastewater treatment plants
  • Community events

Stay informed with updates about important environmental and wastewater issues, including how to dispose of household hazardous waste and more.