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Securing a 68-Year-Old Sewer Pipeline in the Bay.

Rehabilitating a 68-Year-Old Sewer Pipeline in the Bay. Back in 1953 the Beach Force Main sewer pipeline which delivers virtually all wastewater to the treatment plant was built along the Bay’s waterline. Due to access limitations and its age, a new pipeline was constructed under City streets in 1997. However, this new pipeline can’t be properly inspected and maintained because it is in continuous use. The District is preparing to rehabilitate the Beach Force Main by lining it securely and bring it back into service as a backup so that both lines can be regularly inspected and maintained, and to reduce electrical costs in pumping sewer over a hill.

The existing Beach Force Main will be slip-lined.  Slip lining is the process in which a smaller super-heavy-duty, Kevlar lined pipe is pulled through the existing pipe.  The new force main will be pulled 2,200 feet from the Main Street pump station to the treatment plant to minimize work in the Bay. This project is currently in design.  Construction is scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2022.

Excavator working on a sewer pipeline.
Inspection of the Beach Force Main Sewer Pipeline
Excavator working on a sewer pipeline.
Adding valve at the treatment plant to the Beach Sewer Pipeline