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Projects Under Construction or In Final Design

Additional Projects Are Further Improving the System

The District completed its ten-year, $54 million series of upgrades in 2023 but the work of keeping the system up to date remains ongoing. Upcoming facility improvement projects include:

  • Rehabilitation of the treatment plant’s existing clarifier, which has been in consistent use since its construction in 1953, will require a complete replacement of its collector mechanism and improvements to odor control.
  • Electrical upgrades to the plant to meet current code standards and make reliable nearly 40 year old systems at the end of the their useful life.
  • Rehabilitation of the conveyance system's Beach Force Main. The Beach Force Main Rehabilitation Project will allow critical force main redundancy with the Alexander Avenue force main which conveys wastewater from the Main Street pump station to the treatment plant. Rehabilitation of the Beach Force Main will also allow for force main inspections and reduce energy costs at the Main Street pump station.
  • Primary Digester Heating System Replacement Project. The existing heating system has reached the end of its useful life due to corrosion and wear.
  • TCSD Flow Meter Project. A flow meter will be installed on the District’s conveyance force main in the vicinity of TCSD’s connection to the District. This flow meter will improve capacity modeling of the District’s conveyance system and provide operators with real time flowrates to help improve response times during high flow events. A clamp-on style flow meter will substantially reduce construction cost and risk while maintaining an accuracy of +/- 1%.
  • Biosolids Handling Project. The District’s solids handling process is currently located in the center of the treatment plant and requires operators to transfer biosolids to the shop level for off-haul. This configuration inhibits egress through the treatment plant, results in biosolids requiring cleanup from the plant causeway and requires operator time to transfer biosolids. In addition, this process requires operators to use a front loader tractor to transfer biosolids up the plant’s narrow driveway 4 times a day which introduces potential safety concerns. A new system in a better location will be safer, allow the staff to focus on other critical work and be capable of upgrading in the future when needed.
Existing primary treatment clarified first constructed in 1953.
Existing primary treatment clarified first constructed in 1953.
New redundant clarifier constructed in 2019.
New redundant clarifier constructed in 2019.

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