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Projects Under Construction or In Final Design

New Backup Generators to Ensure the Sanitary System Works 24/7

Eight New Backup Generators Ensure Our System Works Even When PG&E Fails. As PG&E power failures continue to increase in both frequency and duration, this project will improve reliability of the sewer pipeline collection system and the treatment plant by installing seven new backup generators and purchasing one portable generator for emergency use. This fulfills one of the District’s primary goals, to have redundant systems to back up all key wastewater facilities. All generators are currently in fabrication and will be installed this winter season. The total cost of this project is about $2.5-million.

Ensuring Your Wastewater System is Always On!

24/7 Reliability. Our community's many hills and valleys require us to pump wastewater from homes and businesses to the treatment plant. To ensure they operate 24/7 without fail, the District undertakes extensive pro-active testing, maintenance, and upgrades on all pump stations and pipelines.

Coloma Pump Station Will Protect the Environment and Look Good Too

This project, which is under construction, will replace two sewer pump stations with a single combined pump station to improve capacity, update controls and improve operator safety. A key feature of this pump station is to substantially increase the capacity of a section of the District’s conveyance pipeline to maintain reliability during storms. In addition, the Facility is being built mostly underground and will include exceptional landscaping due to its prominent location. Click here for more details about the project and view time lapse video (Earthcam).

1953 Clarifier Is Being Rehabilitated to Serve Another Half Century or More.

The recently completed treatment plant upgraded included the construction of a backup clarifier. This will allow the District to maintain one clarifier when the other is down, and will handle more volume during heavy rains. The new clarifier is covered to improve odor control and safety — and the rehabilitated clarifier will also be covered. This project is currently in design and planned for construction in 2022 at a total cost of about $2-million. The completed project will provide several benefits:

  • All treatment processes will have full redundancy,
  • The treatment plant will provide increased reliability and improved water quality.
  • The treatment plant will handle more volume without concerns of spills or passing the wastewater through without full treatment
Existing primary treatment clarifier constructed in 1953.
Existing primary treatment clarifier constructed in 1953.
New redundant clarifier constructed in 2019.
New redundant clarifier constructed in 2019.

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