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Capital Improvement Projects

Sausalito-Marin City Sanitary District continually maintains and upgrades their wastewater system to meet stringent water quality regulatory requirements and to assure reliable wastewater conveyance and treatment for our communities protecting public health, the environment and the San Francisco Bay.

Construction projects undertaken by the District include on-going annual maintenance and long-range capital improvements of the system.

Capital Projects
Plant Electrical UpgradeUpgrade and/or replace the plant's electrical system to ensure reliability and safety. $960,000Awarded to Fort Bragg Electric, Inc.2023
Beach Force Main Rehab ProjectWill provide force main redundancy from the Main Street Pump Station to improve conveyance system reliability, allow for inspection and cleaning of Alexander Ave force main and reduce electricity costs.$2,640,000Advertising for Bids2023
South Clarifier & Headworks Gates Rehab ProjectRehabs the District's existing clarifier providing increased capacity and redundancy for primary treatment and enhance odor control.$2,104,753Awarded to C. Overaa & Company2023
Lab/OPS RemodelFor a better work space the OPS offices and laboratory are being remodeled and updated.$400,000Finalizing Construction2023
Generator Reliability Improvements & Princess Pump Station Controls RelocationReplacement of aged emergency backup generators at all pump stations and the treatment plant and relocation/replacement of aging controls at the Princess pump station.$2,200,000Completed2022
Coloma Pump Station Replacement ProjectCombined two existing pump stations (Whiskey Springs and Scotties) to improve reliability, capacity and safety.$6,125,065Completed2022
Secondary Sediment Tanks Rehabilitation ProjectProject plans and specifications for bidding the project.$585,000Completed2018
Highway Booster Pump Station Rehabilitation ProjectComplete rehabilitation of sewer pump station including installation of an emergency backup generator.$1,119,177Completed2018
Digester Inspection and CleaningCleaning and inspecting two digester tanks.$83,690Completed2016
Beach Force Main and Gravity Sewer Inspection ProjectCleaning and video inspecting the beach force main line as well as an existing gravity sewer.$420,000Completed2016
Disinfection Analyzer Replacement ProjectRemodeling of the District's analyzer and storage rooms, and the replacement of disinfection analyzers which have reached end-of-life.$207,000Completed2015
Miscellaneous Upgrades Project and Collaboration with City and Tamalpais CSDRepairs to the treatment plant's secondary sedimentation tanks, replacement of four force main air relief valves, installation of an emergency bypass connection at one District pump station, and structural foundation upgrades and painting of facility buildings. The District assisted partnering agencies with needed repairs including modifications to two City of Sausalito sewer pump stations and a pump replacement for the Tamalpais Community Services District.$305,475Completed2015
District Residence and Workspace Remodel ProjectComplete remodel of the District's existing residence to become the District main office. Work also included upgrades to the operations control building.$722,414Completed2015
Main Street Pump Station Rehabilitation ProjectReplacement of two 250 horsepower wet weather sewage pumps which have reached end-of-life, and replacement of the existing odor scrubber.$1,127,000Completed2014
Plant Outfall Maintenance and Repair ProjectReplacement of 30 diffusers, repairs to the outfall pipeline anchoring system, and repair of the pipeline segment steel flange.$93,410Completed2014
Pump Station Reliability Improvements ProjectInstall portable pumping bypass connections at multiple District operated pumping stations, and add new gate valves at the District's rock catcher structure.$495,579Completed2013
Locust Street Sewer Pump Station Improvement ProjectCIPP lining of approximately 900 linear feet of 24-inch gravity interceptor piping immediately upstream of the Locust Street pumping station.$1,373,373Completed2012
Marin City Collection System RepairRehabilitation of over 2 miles of sewer mains, primarily within Marin City.$1,400,000Completed2011
Primary Effluent Box, Supernatant Box and Fixed Film Reactor Pipe Gallery Repair and Rehabilitation ProjectInstallation of a primary effluent temporary pumping system and replacement of several fixed film reactor system pump valves, including rebuilding of three fixed film reactor pumps. Second phase of project includes rehabilitation of the primary effluent and recycle diversion structures, several sluice and knife gate replacements, rehabilitation or replacement of several sections of corroded pipe and digester gas collection piping modifications.$1,200,000Completed2011
The Sodium Bisulfite BuildingModernization and expansion of chemical storage at the plant.$743,914Completed2010
Sludge Dewatering Improvement ProjectReplacement of an 18 year old belt filter press with a screw press, replacement of old chemical lines, and installation of new sodium hypochlorite day tank and polymer system.$1,086,815Completed2009
Office Foundation Improvement ProjectThe foundation of the forty year old building was strengthened to comply with current seismic code requirements.$49,811Completed2009
Chemical Storage Building ImprovementsThe project expanded and upgraded sodium hypochlorite and ferric chloride chemical storage facilities and installed a new fire detection and alarm system.$481,843Completed2008
Digester Mixing System and Sludge Handling ImprovementsThe project has improved the performance of the digester and improved the plant's compliance with its total suspend solids permit limits.$200,000Completed2008
Treatment Plant Odor Control ProjectInstallation of covers, ducting, a fan and four biotower reactors to collect foul air from plant processes and remove odorous compounds from the foul air stream.$738,267Completed2007
Fixed Film Reactor Hydraulic Distributor ReplacementThe new motorized distributors provide improved control of the plants biological treatment process.$300,000Completed2007
Treatment Plant Vehicle Access Causeway RepairThe repair project rehabilitated the corroded concrete causeway, which has been exposed to salt water for 20 years.$760,000 Completed2006
Electrical Equipment UpgradesElectrical equipment upgrades were made in the older portions of the treatment plant.$123,000Completed2005
Computerized Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition SystemThe Computerized Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition System was installed and is continuing to be expanded.$50,000Completed2000
Beach Force Main Replacement ProjectThe Main Street Pump Station was rehabilitated and a new 20-inch force main was constructed from Main Street to the treatment plant. $2,000,000Completed1999