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New Coloma Street Pump Station Will Protect Health and the Environment

$6 Million Project is Complete

In order to move sewage from Sausalito to the wastewater treatment plant located along East Road toward Fort Baker, the District operates four pump stations.

The $6+ million Coloma Pump Station at the intersection of Coloma Street and Bridgeway was recently completed.

Coloma Street Pump Station Project Benefits and Highlights.

  • Increases pumping capacity and reliability. The extra capacity helps prevent sewer overflows during heavy rainfall when flows can increase more than 900%
  • Includes a backup power station and automated monitoring and controls.
  • Four prized Atlas Cedar Trees located directly in the construction zone were saved during construction!
  • Excavation for the wet well was 30 feet deep.
  • The Control room extends 17 feet below ground level to minimize appearance of this critical public utility.
  • Eight 24-inch diameter piers extend 30 feet into the ground to bedrock to support the emergency generator.


The new Coloma Pump Station replaces two existing pump stations which are the Whiskey Springs and Coloma. The old stations were too small, unreliabile and out of date.


The District worked closely with the City and residents to design a much larger station but hide it mostly underground, add a new bike path, save mature trees and landscape attractively.
This bench, revealed at the New Coloma Pumps Station ribbon cutting honors Ann Arnott who served the District for 30 years, first as an employee and later as a member of the Board of Directors.