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Doing Business With SMCSD

Request for Proposals

Notice Inviting Construction Bids -

Generator Reliability Improvements Project

Bids due Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 2 p.m. Estimated cost is $1.5 million and contract time for completion is 300 calendar days. Click here for bid documents, project specs, videos, etc.

Coloma PS Improvement Project

Coloma Pump Station Replacement Project.  Bids opened October 27, 2020 and award to JMB Construction Inc. pending Board Approval on November 2, 2020.  Click link for bid results, project plans, reference materials, etc.


RFPs issued, as of July 2014

(Contracts greater than $25,000)

RFPs issued, as of July 2014
DateAwarded toAmountCategoryDescription
11-2-15Carollo Engineers, Inc.$192,406Professional ServicesDetail Design of Highway Booster pump station
7-6-15Du-All Safety$34,000Safety Training for all staff
6-1-15Ralph Andersen and Associates$28,750General Manager Recruitment Services
12-8-14Kennedy/Jenks Engineering Consultants$199,890Professional ServicesPre-Construction Project Management for the Treatment and Wet Weather Flow Upgrades Project
10-6-14Rauch Communication Consultants, Inc.$29,830Professional ServicesPublic Outreach Services
9-2-14Kennedy/Jenks Engineering Consultants$35,760Professional ServicesDetailed Design of the Disinfection System Analyzer Replacement Project
8-8-14RMC Water and Environment$51,260Professional ServicesDetailed Design of the Beach Force Main and Gravity Sewer Inspection Project
8-8-14Du-All Safety$34,000Safety Training for all staff
7-7-14HKIT Architects$35,000Professional ServicesDistrict Residence and Workspace Remodel Project, Services during construction
7-7-14Carollo Engineers, Inc.$134,024Professional ServicesPre-Design of Highway Booster, Scotties and Whiskey Springs pump stations Improvements

All Contracts below were advertised for competitive bid in accordance with Public Bidding Code Requirements.

Contracts awarded as of September 2015 (Contracts greater than $25,000)

Contracts awarded as of September 2015
DateAwarded toAmountDescription
4-6-20Chavan & Associates$43,500.00Prepartion of audit and other required documents June 20, 2020, 2021 and 2022
9-16-19California Diesel & Power$34,995.00Generator Maintanence
7-15-19DTN Engineers$142,117.95Desgin and replace exsisting generators at plant and pump stations; replace exsisting controls at Princess pump station
7-5-19Highway Booster$1,061,000Construction of Highway Booster
3-7-19HF&H$49,975.00 Conduct 5 year rate study and calculate FY 2019/2020 tax roll
9-10-18Woodard and Curran$1,418,637.00Engineering Services During Construction - amended and increased from $1,068,637 to $1,418,637
12-7-17Riedinger Consulting$80,000.00Contruction Management/inspection
11-28-17Miller Pacific$60,000.00Special Inspection Serivces
11-8-17Lawrence Castellani$80,000.00 Contruction Management/inspection
11-7-17Tiburon Group$30,000.00 Construction Scheduling and Management
7-26-17ISI Inspection$70,995.00 Inpection Services
7-13-17Hillside Drilling$143,369.00 marin city slide repair
7-11-17RTZ Global$250,000.00 Construction Management services
7-1-17Flat Iron$22,299,480.00 Upgrade Project Contract
5-1-17Calcon Systems$256,540.00 System Integration
5-1-17Carollo Engineers Inc.$452,418.00 Design for Whiskey Springs Pump Station Rehabilitation and Coloma Pump Station Project
2-8-17Chavan & Associates$10,250.00 Prepartion of audit and other required documents June 20, 2017, 2018 and 2019
8-22-16Bartle Wells Associates$43,500.00 Financial Advisor Services revenue bond issuances and bank loan refinancing
1-1-16Nute Engineering$52,408.00 Provide Engineering and design
9-8-15Nor Cal Pipeline Services$415,500Construction of the Beach Force Main and Gravity Sewer Inspection Project
4-13-15Mitchell Engineering$38,846Issued project change order to Miscellaneous Upgrades Project for additional work of similar job scope
4-13-15Fort Bragg Electric, Inc.$187,836Construction of the Disinfection System Analyzer Replacement Project
12-8-14Mitchell Engineering$252,000Construction of the Miscellaneous Upgrades Project
7-7-14CF Contracting, Inc.$692,400Construction of the District Residence and Workspace Remodel Project