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Sewer Lateral Compliance Certificates

Lateral Compliance Certificates, Remodeling & Change in Use

SMCSD requires a compliance certificate for all private laterals when the property's title is being transferred (resale), change in customer, remodel or construction over $50,000 and change in use (i.e. second dwelling).

An individually owned unit in a multi-Unit structure served by a single or shared lateral, such as a condominium or common interest development are required to have all private laterals inspected and issued a compliance certificate by 2022. The required certificate is the responsibility of the homeowner's associations or the owner of the multi-structure.

For more information please contact SMCSD District Engineer Kevin Rahman at or (415) 331-4714.

More details can be found in Ordinance 89 or District Code Chapter 2.33, pages 14-18.