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  • image075

    Jan 2021

    Special drilling machine used to install hundreds of soil nails about 20 feet into the hillside for stability.

  • image073

    Jan 2021

    Construction continuing on the lower soil nail wall to make room for the electrical controls room and new primary clarifier.

  • image071

    Jan 2021

    This is the lower soil nail retaining wall which was constructed to make room for the equalization storage basin.

  • image069

    Jan 2021

    Causeway expansion (turnaround and staging area) being formed for concrete.

  • image067

    Jan 2021

    Pier forms used for the plant’s turnaround and staging area. This is an expansion of the existing causeway. Piers were drilled about 20 feet deep into bedrock.

  • image065

    Jan 2021

    Aerial photo of the construction at about 75% completion.

  • image063

    Jan 2021

    High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe being fused together for the primary clarifier.