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    Jan 2021

    A major bypass was required to support construction on the fixed film reactor pump station. This work increased pumping capacity by 50% for secondary treatment.

  • image055

    Jan 2021

    Framing of the second major wall of the equalization storage basin required substantial bracing to pour concrete 40-feet-deep.

  • image053

    Jan 2021

    Framing of the equalization storage basin wall which required 30 inch thick concrete at the bottom.

  • image051

    Jan 2021

    Construction of the first wall of the 600,000 gallon equalization storage basin.

  • image049

    Jan 2021

    Excavating under the causeway in order to deliver flow from the new primary clarifier to secondary treatment facilities. This work was performed over 10 feet below sea level.

  • image047

    Jan 2021

    Installing new piping under the causeway for the new primary clarifier and disc filter.

  • image045

    Jan 2021

    Disc filter pump station including spare/redundant pump and new piping.

  • image043

    Jan 2021

    Coring hole for new disc filter pump station which is used to pump water to the disc filters.

  • image041

    Jan 2021

    Disc filter cloth is capable of removing particles as small as 5 microns. A human hair is 50 microns wide.